Saturday, 6 July 2013

A busy couple of days!

The team have been very busy since our last post!

Rebecca received sugar came as a special treat for her birthday lunch and was given a card, cake and a bracelet from the team!

On Thursday, Mike and Nick went to the feeding centre, which they thoroughly enjoyed, while the rest of the team remained on site painting. Fraser, Laura, Millie, Bex and Jordan all get special mentions for being very involved in the project work!

Friday saw Fraser, Millie and Savannah visit a local feeding centre in the morning, whiz they loved because they recognised some of the children they see around the village. Savannah taught them Twinkle Twinkle and Incy Wincy Spider and the group taught them to play Splat. The morning ended with the Hokey Kokey which was filmed by Fraser.

On site things are really moving fast! Half of the group were pointing yesterday which Lizzie really enjoyed! The rest of the group were helping to put together the trusses for the the roof. Dom, Bex, Laura and Jordan were particularly helpful yesterday on site. Mike and Fraser were site foremen and did a stirling job directing the rest of the team!  ... More soon!

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  1. We love hearing what you have all been doing, and looking at the photographs. What an amazing experience it must be for you all.