Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Farewell to the village

The group worked very hard yesterday morning to make the finishing touches on the project and finished on site a midday.
In the afternoon there was a leaving ceremony held in the village for the team. There were many heartfelt speeches and dances were shared between the group and the community. The Hurst students also sang a song for the community and play the group has been working on with the local youth group stole the show! It was a massive success and special mentions must go out the Hurst actors: Dom, Lizzie, Mike, Laura. Millie and Nick. 
Ms Clarke made a speech and gave out the donations from the group, including the photo album of the group's time in the village, which was given to the village chief for the whole community. 
Savannah was given the honour of handing over the keys of the classroom to the school's Head Master...
Lots of people came to the leaving party - many of the friends that the group has made and the Hurst students are sad to be leaving.

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  1. Has been fantastic getting regular updates of how the team are doing. Photos are amazing. The Harman family