Thursday, 4 July 2013

Update from the feeding centres and youth group

The team have been visiting the Kutakenda feeding centre in small groups in the mornings. 
Becks, Jordan, Laura, Dom, Agnes (Joshua Field Officer) and Ms Coleman visited on the first morning along with some members of the local youth group as guides.  Kutakenda is about a one hour trek from the school project site and volunteer accommodation. The scenery is amazing, including a beautiful river. It was also good for volunteers to see just how far people must travel on foot regularly in Malawi. 
The feeding centre is very remote and currently only supported by the local community. The children were a little overwhelmed by the volunteers' arrival at first, but soon began singing songs and the Hurst students learnt a game in Chichewa called the goat and the hyena. They also taught the children Duck Duck Goose! 
After a game of football there was a chance to ask Agnes questions about the centre. 
Each morning a small group will visit and help at the feeding centre, returning to the project site in the afternoon. 

Yesterday afternoon the group were hard at work on site again. The whole team is in very good spirits and are pleased with their progress. After work, they met with the village youth group who discussed their '12 principles' with the team - including human rights. The Hurst students were taught some local dancing and the youth group and the volunteers are getting on very well indeed! 

Yesterday was Rebecca's birthday, so the group were planing celebrations! More soon....

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